The Technology is constantly changing, growing complex and inter-related with other technology from a variety of sources. We assist you in matching your needs to a range of technology solutions based on cost, functionality, technical architecture, and support resources.

When the name comes “IT Consultation”, lot of things comes in mind.

1. Are we running on the right platform which can derive our business operations smoothly?

2. Are we using the right technology which will not be obsolete in upcoming years?

3. Are we on a higher side of the IT budget or what action can be done that can reduce the IT costs and make us ready for the future?

4. Is IT infrastructure up-gradation / changes going to hit our production or cause a downtime ?

5. Is the allocated Annual IT budget is sufficient for up-gradation or making the changes ?


                                                             If these questions are coming to your mind, you really need an IT Consultation. Mogami Soft and Automations is the organization of experienced consultants that can analyze your current IT Infrastructure and can provide you detailed analysis report. Team Mogami listens to you and analyze a lot before coming to a conclusion so your IT Infrastructure remains up to date and your business operations and process can yield maximum output with minimum inputs.                                                                                                         

Our game is not over by just finding out areas of improvement in the form of analysis report, we educate you too with the options that can give you a robust and redundant platform as per your business requirements.  

                                                          Team Mogami has expertise in delivering in project starting from initial stage as well as the making the best in an ongoing infrastructure. The consultants are highly experienced and delivering the best output for your business.


Consultation and Solutions


Project Consultation

Strategic evaluation and tactical planning provides flexibility and scalability required to meet market demands and business initiatives.

Preventive IT solution 

The preventative IT consultation & solution enables you to make sure that upcoming problem should be eliminated before they disrupt your productivity.

VOIP Solutions

Team of highly skilled resources assist you in choosing the best and effective telephony solutions for your   organization.                                                                 

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing your entire IT or module reduces your burden of managing and running the IT of your organization without         worrying for anything.                  

IT Relocation Services 

Business and organizations often require the relocation and migration of IT, we provide the safe relocation process without any productivity loss. 

Module Consultation and Solution

Module based consultation includes bringing the changes in IT setup with a purpose of expansion and improvement in Infrastructure.     

Variety of End User Support Solutions.

Team Mogami give a lot of leverage to our clients to choose which plan is best for them.                              

Let’s Work Together

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