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Providing IT Outsourcing Services to enable a smooth business operations with proper management and reporting.

It is always on the minds of business owners and managers worldwide is whether to outsource their IT support needs or to hire someone to handle them internally. We have helped many of small- and medium-sized businesses by taking care of all their IT needs thus allowing the managers of those businesses to focus on their core operations. 

                               OUTSOURCING                                                                        VS                                                                      IN-HOUSE IT SUPPORT

There are certain key points that an organization needs to analyze before coming to a conclusion whether to outsource the complete IT operations or certain domains/ areas of IT to third party.

1. Experience and Expertise:

Rather than hire an IT person who may not have all the skills required to do the job, you
will have access to senior level technicians with a broad base of knowledge and experience.

2. Training Costs:

The Technology changes every fortnight and it is very much required to allocate a budget on the training of the resources. It is estimated by Training Industry Report that around 1841 USD is spent in year 2018 for each resource to train to keep him updated. Outsourcing your IT simply removes this cost because you do not have to worry about updating the skills of people who are managing your IT Infrastructure and operations.


3. Choice of having in-house resource or remote support:

We provide in-house resource as well as remote support team for smooth IT operations depending upon your need. Be it you are a small sized business or large enterprise, we provide support in various domains and daily compulsory IT related tasks such as backups, link utilizations, disaster management plan, vendor management on your behalf so all your productive time gets saved and that can be devoted to other areas of your organization. 


4. Low IT Budget Organizations: 

Are you a small or mid sized organization and have plans to outsource, don’t worry about the costs. We have a shared team mechanism as well where our IT resources serves to more than 1 organization by making sure that security of your data and integrity remains confidential. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Team Mogami Consultants have over 8 years of experience managing the shared services of organizations whose networth is over $5 Billion USD.


 5. We hunt excellent services by vendors at lowest cost for you:

There are scenarios where organizations have to deal with vendor’s for their operations. We manage the vendors in an effective way by keeping in mind that our client who we are serving gets maximum benefits in terms of cost.


6. Progress Reports: 

Our team presents the data, issues and areas of improvements in detailed report to organizations time to time so that organizations stay aware what’s going on. 

This helps the management to know the progress and current scenario of IT operations at a glance. 


7. Hiring and Firing :  Business revenue and market conditions are not always same, fresh hirings and layoffs are part of game. We truly understand that hiring the resources and laying off them is the real pain in tough circumstances. By Outsourcing the entire IT or partial IT operations, it helps you to avoid paying hefty amounts in terms of compensation. 


8. Choice of Outsourcing Full/Modules:  The organizations have complete choice of outsourcing the complete IT Infrastructure or module/domain based outsourcing. Team Mogami provides you the variety of options to choose from depending upon your business requirements. 

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