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Relocation of office sounds easy, but it is the nightmare for the organization to relocate the smooth running office. There are several parts which is a big worry. Smooth Relocation of complex IT infrastructure, pre-planning and relocation itself is a big project. Team Mogami has expertise in migrating the small and large organizations with zero loss to business.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Team Mogami follows the international standards before taking up the relocation task. We are strict on pre planning, prepare, implement, develop, operate and final rigorous tests to make sure all goes fine. The team has successfully relocated several Indian and Large organizations in Asia Pacific too.

We follow the following practices :

1. Because it is a project, so it is leaded by a project leader.

2.Take the service of all technology and domain consultants all together to prepare the plan.

3. Selection of a date of relocation and implementation.

4.Pre-designing of  IT Room, server room and other premises of a new place before relocation activity.

5. Ensuring all existing layout plan is documented properly.

6. Ensuring to inform every activity to client/IT manager of Organization.

7.Evaluation of security into the organization.

8. Proper backup of all important devices and the running configurations.

9.Having a contingency plan for all IT operations.

10.Shutting down the services wisely and making sure the expensive devices are packed nicely for transportation to next premises.

11.Making sure all devices should be connected well and started like they were running before.

12. Thorough testing to make sure each and every service, security, policies must run and rigorous tests must be done to ensure zero error on day of production.

13. Spending some business days in the organization itself to fix any unexpected problem arise in business hours.







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