Preventive it solution

Prevention is better than treatment. It’s better to adopt a preventive approach to save from yourself prior to  being stuck in major problem.

                                                                                                       Preventive IT Solution


When it comes to Information Technology operations, the preventive measures must be looked because it is better to have a prevention rather than facing emergency situations and disasters.




               Preventive Measures is most important in your existing or new project that you are going to work on. In a recent study, organizations are getting aware and taking proper steps to ensure that their productivity shouldn’t be hamper at all due to threats and other issues that causes disruptions in the IT operations.

The last research compiled by one of the premiere Business School that on an average, a small and mid size business organization looses $ 90,000 to $ 11,5000 every financial year due to downtime, IT outages and hardware crashes.

                                                                                           Team Mogami is having expertise in handling and delivering the preventive measures that ensures running of your business operations smooth and to eliminate your worries to a great extent.


Here are the key points that team Mogami practices :



  1. Using the Protocols that sends alerts if anything has bugs or physically/logically down.
  2. Finding cost effective areas where redundancy can be given for smooth operations.
  3. Making the disaster recovery plan for smooth operations in case of causes like natural calamities, fire.
  4. Making sure that all available resources should not become worthless or obsolete.
  5. Making sure all the databases, applications, operating systems and hardware should stay updated.
  6. Train the employees and providing knowledge transfer to the organizations about the uncertainties that could affect the business.
  7. Maintaining the preventive schedule that ensures that everything should remain up. Team Mogami believes in staying proactive rather than reactive.
  8. Remote Infrastructure Management technique that ensures wherever you are, Team Mogami eyes are on your infrastructure managing it and to prevent you from any mis-happening.
  9. To make sure whatever is confidential should always remain confidential.
  10. Calculation of the valuation of loss in a downtime.




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