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Why to pay Annual Maintenance Charges when you can report problem when it arrives and save a lot of money in your IT Budget.

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Unlike other solution providers who always insists the organizations to go for “Annual Maintenance Plan”, which not only increases your IT budget, but it bounds you to renew the contract every year. Imagine a situation where you opt for AMC and hardly you seek IT assistance 10 times in 365 days, so does it sound good about the expenses you paid and what you get ?

                                                                                                                                       So, pay only when the problem arise. The moment you have problem and you report to us, the relevant domain expert handles that problem in no time and charge only what is the actual fair price for fixing the problem. Every consultant and our ticket reporting software understands SLA and criticality, 

Team Mogami also provides the resource to the organizations is they require who would be with you during your working hours and would be on payroll of us from all Levels,bands and domains. 




The year 2019 research compiled by one of the premiere Business School that on an average, a small and mid size business organization looses $ 90,000 to $ 11,5000 every financial year due to Annual Maintenance Charges which they sign with vendors, support partners which can be eliminated right after opting the PIB ( Per incident Billing.)

                                                                                          We believe in no professional fees if issue stands unresolved. We at Mogami Soft LLP sets up an agreement with organization related to PIB and sends invoices every end of the month for clearing  based on the tickets raised by organization staff and resolved.

The detailed Professional Charges are mentioned on our ticketing tool

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