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Voice Over IP is now common and first choice of the organizations. It provides organizations with robust features above and beyond the traditional landline phone services, such as filtering options that forward calls to different numbers, send calls directly to voice mail, allows remote users to have phone extensions, convert voice messages to text messages or even check voice mail via the Internet. 

                                                                                                                                         For many organizations, the tough decision is not using VOIP-it is whether or not to have a premise based or cloud based. Our team can help you to navigate through the complexity of VOIP as per your business needs and IT Budgets and choose the right product for you.                                                                                                                               



Our services include:
  • Scope of project definition.
  • Requirement of software, hardware, and network requirements.
  • Requirement analysis, information gathering, making layouts and implementation planning.
  • Assistance in selection of vendors/providers with a long vision of up-gradation and changes in IT Infrastructure and Services.
  • Project schedule and resource management.
  • Systems implementation consisting of design, testing, installation and monitoring activities.
  • Consistent reporting from project beginning till its completion.
  • Provide training to the new systems.
  • Delivering the documentation post completion of the project.
  • Providing the post-support after the product/project delivery.





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